Access Hotmail and Gmail with a Local Email Client

If you have any questions or requests for tutorials, post a comment or pm me.

So what would be a advantage to doing it this way? You don’t have to open your browser and manually log in, and you can check many email address with the lick of the mouse (I check 10 at a time, imagine logging in and out 10 times)


ThunderBird addons

Addition Information:

Hotmail Configuration-
ServerName: localhost Port: 110
SecuritySettings: Never / don’t check secure authentication

Hotmail SMTP settings-
ServerName: localhost Port: 25
TLS is available

Gmail Configuration-
ServerName: Port: 995
SecuritySettings: SSL / don’t check secure authentication

Gmail SMTP settings-
ServerName: localhost Port: 25
TLS is available

Most other email hosts will just be the same, just use the guideline

Server Type : POP
Incoming Server: localhost
UserName : username@domain

Port: 110

SMTP settings
Server Name: localhost
UserName : username@domain


13 Responses to Access Hotmail and Gmail with a Local Email Client

  1. Paul says:

    Trying to use hotmail. Added add-ons and used hotmail settings you mentionned but is does not work.
    Used web mail on account add.

    Any suggestions?

  2. exosploit says:

    What hotmail domain are you using? (eg. .ca .fr etc.)
    Do you have a email scanner that could be blocking it?
    Also, can you send or receive emails?
    Do you have any other emails linked with Thunderbird?
    I’ll need a little more info before I can help you come up with a solution.

  3. Paul says:

    can send and receive emails
    no other emails linked w/ T’bird – trying to figure out how?

    Thanks for your help!

  4. exosploit says:

    Can you take screen shots of your settings, or type them?
    That would be most helpful

  5. someonewithquestion says:


    I’m trying to setup a Hotmail account in Thunderbird, and I can send fine but I don’t receive any emails to the Hotmail Inbox, although I know there are some that should be downloaded. I have the same settings you have above:
    (Hotmail SMTP settings-
    ServerName: localhost Port: 25
    TLS is available)

    Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

  6. someonewithquestion says:

    no need to respond: I solved it!

    I just put “” instead of “localhost” in the Server Name for the Hotmail account’s POP.

  7. exosploit says:

    I’m glad you got it working, I never really thought if doing that, but it’s a good idea.

  8. Dale says:

    I am in the account wizard entering the server informaition on Thunderbird. I am setting up the gmail server info… I typed in and unchecked the “use Global Inbox”…..When I click next it says “Alert! Please enter a valid hostname.” Do you know why this is saying this and how I can fix it?

  9. exosploit says:

    Is your account name set to “”

  10. Dale says:

    Sorry….I got it to work.

  11. SpoonS says:

    Whats the Advantage of doing Gmail your way VS. The gmail setting they have?

  12. Alan says:

    On the account wizard, under incoming server for hotmail I’ve tried and Port: 110 with pop and global unchecked. It gives me the message invalid host name. Any suggestions? I hope this isn’t a silly question…

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