Enabling the “Watch in High Quality” Option on your Videos

If you have any questions or requests for tutorials, post a comment or pm me.

Additional Information: This is not the only encoding method to achieve the high quality option, just one that works for me. You can experiment, but a few things you probably

should leave the same is
a screen resolution 640 x 480 (or higher)
And a 1500+ video bit rate.

I’ve also found that you can have the Format and container set to MPEG2 and use the same resolution and bit rate, but if you’re using MediaCoder, make sure the audio is set to mp3, as when you change the format to MPEG1 or 2 it will change the audio to something that is incompatible.

Also note that the option to view in high quality might take a few minutes to show up after your video is done rendering on YouTube.



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